Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Juice Feasting Resource

Occasionally I like to bring other Juice fasting and Juice Feasting resources to share. I haven't ordered these CD's myself yet, but they did capture my interest. I thought I would share the link here for other fellow juicers and those considering juicing to check out. They are called:

The Secret Of Juice Feasting.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Keep On Keepin' On...

Last weeks Doctors appointment went rather well. I did have to get steroid injections in my knees though, for me this was a disappointment, but it was a choice between being hobbled in pain or being able to move and function. I was able to figure out what had caused the  flare up in my knee pain. I had to redo my CPR certification for my job. Four hours of class, up an down, on and off the floor did me in!

The knees feel much better again. The Doctor was extremely excited and pleased with my weight loss! When I told him what I was doing, juicing and exercising he said, "Well keep it up, it's working!"

Tonight after work I am going to the gym for another upper body and back workout. Then of course a session in the steam sauna. A new week and time to kick it in gear again!  Until next time, have an awesome week, rev it up, drop the clutch and haul ass!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bum Knee, Owee...

I have been dealing with knee pain for a couple of years now. This made it hard to work out and at times even walk. Earlier this year I had to have steroid injections in my knee joints. Up until just recently my knees had been doing much better, but last night my left knee pain really flared up. I took the night off from working out just to be safe. I have a Doctors appointment next Thursday morning.

Also last night was Halloween. I have to admit, I gave into temptation and gave into the call of the chocolate... But now this holiday celebration is over, I can get serious again. But, we all know here in the United States this begins the Winter holiday stretch. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and lastly New Years Eve.

So, yes this can be a challenging time to be juice feasting. But even if one isn't totally successful to sticking with a juicing regiment, juicing can at least cut back on your overall day to day calorie consumption while super charging the nutritional impact you are taking in.

This should be a free license to just pig out from October until January, I still need to take my program of juicing, health and fitness serious. So, tomorrow I will get refocused and motivated. A bad day of poor eating choices does not destroy all your hard work. Tomorrow is a new day, start anew and dig right back in. Until next time, work smart, play hard and love life to the fullest!