Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Juicer, Time To Get Back On Track!

My last post here at New Life Reboot Juice Feasting was in March. Right after my last post, my juicer broke. Bummer, that sucked...

Well my son Shawn, his wife Ravin and three grandchildren purchased a Breville Juicer for us, for our 27th wedding anniversary! So it is time to get back on track and a new 90 day juice feast.

They purchased the Breville Juicer at here is a link to it. 

A photo of the juicer.

A link to the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead website 

And a link to the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead video at Rebboot Your Life.

It is great to be back, now it is time to do some serious ass kicking!


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