Friday, September 23, 2011

Day Number Two Has Passed.

Well the end of the second day of my Juice Feast. Today was a bit more challenging. I gave up caffeine, nicotine and solid food all on one day. Today I was tired and did not feel great, I am definitely detoxing.

I did weigh somewhere around 5 Lbs less this morning! Tonight was challenging as the family had pizza for dinner, that was insanely tough! The smell was overpowering.

But, making a 30 oz serving of juice for dinner, that helped allot. I go back to work tomorrow morning, I will make a container tonight to bring to work tomorrow, then when I get home I will make another one for the evening.

So, another day draws to a close, I will be glad when the detoxing and first challenging days are over, I know this journey will not always be easy, but as happened to both Joe and Phil in the documentary and countless other Reebooters, I know it will be well worth it. And I will be here to record and share it.

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