Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Well I have been making the Mean Green Juice the last couple of days now . I am fortunate , so far I haven't been wracked with hunger pangs or gnarly detox misery  . But, we shall see what the next few days shall bring .  So far, so good. I have my fingers crossed  ...

I received a pleasant, inspiring and rewarding surprise today ! I work at a large residential facility for at risk and underprivileged youth , I run a dorm with 78 young men who live in the dorm while finishing their education and learning a vocational skill . One of my former resident/student Joe C. got in touch with me today . Joe always used to come in to my office begging for some Mean Green Juice . Well Joe texted me that he had just bought himself a juicer and wanted the recipe for the juice ! My vocation is to help change these young men's life, but to think I have actually turned one onto juicing, BONUS !

The package I mentioned in the title line is my DDP Yoga Max Package , it arrived in the mail today . So, I will be hitting the yoga mat and kicking butt ! I have someone putting the DVD's on an external hard drive so I can take my laptop to our gym at my place of employment  at the end of my shift, and do the DDP Yoga workout. I am also setting up a workout area in our spare bedroom . My Daughter Leigh is now onboard with both juicing and the DDP Yoga . So, the Dude is spreading the juice and yoga message. Until next time. have an absolutely radical time living life to it's fullest !

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