Friday, November 23, 2012


Anytime you truly want something , if you put in the time and work it most undoubtedly is achievable . But there are the two key words, TIME and WORK .

As a society most people have bought into the quick fix , easy way out and all the results without the work and time investment necessary to reach their dreams and goals . If you aren't willing to spend some of your time and earn some 
" sweat equity " why even bother trying ?

Many will try the easy , soft and quick way and then when it doesn't work will play the blame game .  There are all the standard excuses you constantly hear , " That system sucked ", " I was working my ass off and not seeing any results " , blah , blah , blah . Well quit sniveling , get off your ass and put in the time and effort needed to truly achieve your desires !

Many have overcome great disabilities , hardships and tragedies and gone on to totally transform their lives and accomplish great things . I look to some of these people for my motivation and inspiration  on my journey . 

These include but are not limited to Dallas Page , former Pro Wrestler and founder of DDP Yoga . Bill Poett , One of my former martial arts instructors , motivational speaker and role model . Joe Cross , Documentary film maker of " Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead ". And many over-comers who have chronicled and shared their life transformations . Two of these that were particularly inspirational to me are Arthur Boorman who utilized DDP Yoga to drop more than 140 Lbs , going from being unable to walk without crutches , knee and back braces , to now being able to walk , run and even is a certified yoga instructor . Another man is Phil Staples . Phil utilized the Rebboot Your Life juicing program introduced by Joe Cross to lose and enormous amount of weight , clear up a chronic health condition , totally change his life and even embark on a new vocation , spreading the benefits of juicing.

If these men can  do it , so can I and so can you ! So let's get our asses off the couch , do some sweating and juicing !

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