Wednesday, November 21, 2012



And on the fourth day the dude made the juice, and saw it was good . And once the juicing was complete the dude rested . 

I put on the headphones , cranked up the iPod and jammed out to Bob Marley while I was juicing . It's great to be able to jam, dance around like a fool , juicing without a care in the world , 
life is good !

I made another 1/2 gallon of Mean Green Juice and as per my routine put it into a plastic pitcher to take to work. I did experience a small amount of detox effects today, my intestinal system began to flush out the built up toxins . But , it was tolerable . 

The Mean Green has a unique look to it to say the least . It is actually a good conversation starter . When I tell my students and coworkers about the juice , they are automatically curious. I share the immense and delicious health benefits of  pure fresh fruit and vegetable juices. I probably gave out 1/4 of my juice as samples today . Every person who tried it was amazed at how tasty it is. 

The downloading of the DDP Yoga onto my external hard drive is about half done . I am hoping to complete the project by tomorrow evening. Being able to take my workout with me in the compact form as my laptop computer is awesome , plus my daughter Leigh will be able to do the DDP Yoga workout in our extra room downstairs. By being able to do it after work , I can accomplish my workout before I come home and unwind , and as a bonus I can take a steam sauna and cool shower when I am done .

Today is my " Friday " at work  I look forward to my days off , I'll be able to doing a little experimenting with some juices , I like trying  new recipes and usually are able to come up with some outrageously great tasting healthy juices. I am going to dive into my DDP Yoga workout like a downward dog RUFFF !

Have a gnarly day and dance as if nobody is watching ...

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