Thursday, November 22, 2012


I had shared my blog with some friends in a facebook group I belong to , one of the members dissed on juicing and DDP Yoga . Basically he said  not to buy into fads , to just eat a "healthy and well balanced diet and a sensible workout routine ." How dare I think outside the box !

Well if this approach had worked for me up until this point or with my special needs , I wouldn't have bloated up to over 400 Lbs. or needed knee braces , steroid injections and occasionally the use of a cane .

Sometimes others who are willing to take radical and decisive action are  viewed as obsessed , gullible , a sucker for fads etc. But , I have seen and experienced the amazing life changing effects and benefits from my extended juice feasting . But before I do anything I research and check out ratings and references. Google is your friend and you can find a video about just about anything on youtube these days . 

Watching Fat Sick & Nearly Dead inspired me to begin juicing and truly transformed my life for the better in more ways than one . After watching the youtube video about Arthur and his life transformation by adhering to the DDP Yoga program , I was sold ! But , I also realize that all the DVD's and juicing machines in the world will not change squat unless am dedicated and I I do the work , I am going to have to be dedicated , ready to earn some sweat equity . 

Time to kick ass and take names !

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