Thursday, November 22, 2012


This dude wants to wish everyone a happy, healthy and awesome Thanksgiving . May you spend this day with family and friends , remembering what you are truly thankful for and how fortunate we really are here in the United States . Life is good !

That being said I think there are people we need to remember and just because they are out of sight , may they not be out of mind . I am speaking of our military service members stationed and fighting overseas . Above all I think of their safety and can only hope the powers that be will wake up and bring our service men and women home and that we as a nation will stop feeling the need to keep feeding the industrial war machine with our money , resources and the shed blood and maimed bodies of our young men and women .

As we sit down to the traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey , mashed potatoes and gravy , stuffing , veggies , yams , rolls , decadent deserts and what have you , today is not a day for 
" all or nothing  thinking ". 

If you choose to adhere strictly to a juice feast , more power to 
you ! As for me I am going to partake in the traditional meal , but I will practice strict portion control and balance . I have the power to choose what I do or do not put into my body ! So choose your holiday food intake wisely . For me trying to adhere to a strictly juice feasting day would be setting myself up for failure and take some of the the enjoyment of the holiday . As the Buddha would say, " Choose the middle way ".

My family and I are watching the DDP Yoga videos as the meal cooks , learning Dave's " Diamond Dozen ". Later we will weigh in and take our measurement , then tomorrow we jump into the ring and it's time to kick some DDP Yoga ass ! Have a radical holiday .

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