Tuesday, November 27, 2012


For the last couple of days I have been hitting the DDPYOGA hard and heavy . But today I decided to take a day off . I have been fatigued and sore , I listen to my body and it was telling me time for a day off and then back at it tomorrow .

Throw in some juicing detox symptoms to the mix and you have a funky less than stellar day . Without going into great detail , let's just say my digestive tract went through a very thorough cleaning out ... The detox phase of a juice feast is never pleasant 
but once it has passed it is well worth it ! This is when your energy will soar , any joint or body aches either diminish and some abate all together . I look forward to getting back to that point in the juice feast . In the mean time here is a juice recipe YouTube video for a post workout juice .

Juice on and hit your mat with all you've got !

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