Friday, November 16, 2012

Well after a long absence I have returned! After about a year I have still kept most of my weight off that I lost over the last year. Starting at 400 Lbs last year and now hovering around 350 Lbs and this was an extended break in juicing!

That being said though, I really felt stuck in a rut and dissatisfied at where I am in my life. I still want to lose 160 more Lbs. But, I realize I cannot do this by juicing exclusively. I need to add a fitness regiment into this lifestyle. I tried cardio, BORING! I have gone to my gym at work, but get tired of working out alone at 1:00 am after work...

So I purchased the DDP Yoga Max Package. You can find out more about it here:

My 20 year old daughter Leigh said she would also join me in this endeavor. She has even started drinking some juice with me! So I will have a workout partner and juicing compatriot. I made us a great juice last night. I haven't named it yet but it was absolutely delicious! Here is the recipe: The fruit and vegetable counts aren't exact, but pretty close. This was enough to make one gallon of juice.

12 Green Apples.
8 Gala Apples.
1 Whole Unpeeled Lemon
20 Carrots.
1 1" Piece Of Ginger.

There are a couple of links I would like to share with you about the DDP Yoga. They are the story about a disabled veteran named Arthur and how DDP Yoga and lifestyle changes totally changed his life. I have so much in common with Arthur. When I started this journey I weighed 400 Lbs. I had to wear knee braces, use a cane, get steroid injections in my knees and was on heavy pain medications. Now I am 50 Lbs lighter, the cane has gone away, I don't even know where it is! I haven't had any steroid injections since last spring, nor had to wear the knee braces. I also did some mountain bike riding and cruising my longboard with my Big Kahuna Stick this last summer!

I am very excited and optimistic about the future once again. Please take the time to view these two inspiring videos about Arthur's story. It truly inspired me, gave me hope and made me cry with tears of anticipation and joy.

Until next time, Namaste and be well my friends, Roger.

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