Saturday, November 24, 2012


It was a great  day today . I began with a protein drink followed my the Mean Green Juice and plenty of water . I am working on a protein drink post-workout right now WHEW !

Tonight after work I did the DDPYoga Diamond Dozen workout . It kicked my ass , took my name , left me dripping with sweat and feeling like a wet , limp dishrag .

To look at the poses in the program guide or poster that shows the various poses you wouldn't think much of it , but looks can be deceiving ! When you add dynamic resistance into the mix it is a whole different game to say the least ...

Though the workout was definitely tough and challenging , I pulled it off ! I was grateful and amazed that I could do it at all ... I have to look back at where I was last year . Weighing in at over 400 Lbs. ( I quit weighing in when the doctors scale couldn't weigh me anymore . I wasn't going to humiliate myself by going to a freight scale ) I was popping the buttons on my 70 " waist pants , I often had to unbutton them and let my belt do the work of holding them up . I was popping pain killers like Pez , wearing knee braces , going to the doctor for steroid injections and occasionally having to use a cane .

Then my transformation began when I began juicing . As the weight melted away , the pain began to subside and even disappear in some cases . I was able to be more active , moving much more , felt much better physically and psychologically . Then as time went on my energy level shot through the roof , it was absolutely awesome , a natural high !

Last night I weighed in and took my measurements , it was 
U-G-L-Y ! But as I have said previously , I have to remember how far I have come so far ...


Weight - 349 1/2 Lbs

Chest - 55 1/2 "

Waist - 61 1/2 "

Hips - 63 "

Thighs - 31 1/2 "

Biceps - 18 "

Neck - 19 1/2 "

I am going to weigh in on a weekly basis but only do the measurements every 30 days . I also took some " before photos " but am going to wait to post these until next month to chronicle the changes my body has made in that period and every month there after .

Now It's Time To Go Make Some Juice !

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