Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting Back Ontrack...

The last few days I took some time off from the juice fast. I wasn't feeling really well and could tell my body was telling me to take a break, eat some solid food and to lay off the working out for a few days also.

I am back fasting and working out again. I drank my Mean Green Juice today and then this morning after work I went and did a kick butt upper body workout and then did a session in the sauna.

You could say I am fortunate, one of the perks of my job is a complete gymnasium that rivals a college gym. Weight rooms, basketball courts, swimming pool, handball courts and sauna in the staff locker room.

I recently tried mustard greens when there was no kale to be found at the market. I warn you, mustard greens are very strong and pungent. If you use them I recommend doing so sparingly. For me it was overpowering, and I couldn't drink all the juice I had made.

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