Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Woot, it is my Friday !!!

Today is my "Friday" it work! I always look forward to my days off... I didn't go to the gym last night because I didn't get off until 1:00 AM and then had to be back at 8:30 AM to take a 4 hour CPR recertification course. Now I have to be back to work my regular shift this evening. The CPR class was a good workout in and of itself too. I am going to the gym tonight at the end of my shift. It is the dreaded legs and abs night, ugghhh they really kick my butt...

I experimented the last couple of days with my juice. It was still the basic Mean Green Juice but I added a few different ingredients. Yesterday I added green onions from my coworkers garden and a seeded jalapeno pepper. Today it was the same but without the green onions, I didn't seed the jalapeno pepper and I added 3 cloves of garlic. They both are good, but I prefer yesterdays recipe more.

My daily intake of fruit and vegetable juice is now usually made up of the Mean Green Juice, except on days when I have more time to make a treat or something different. Here is what I am currently using each day produce wise:

1 large bunch of kale
4 Granny Smith apples
1 whole lemon
1 piece ginger, thumb sized
8 carrots
8 stalks celery
2 cucumbers
2 zucchini

There is allot of nutrition packed in all that produce, and it would be a hearty endeavor to consume all of that without juicing it! I also strive to drink about 1 gallon of water a day, especially when I work out in the gym.


  1. I am seriously looking into this diet. The list of ingredients that you posted, is that for the entire day? Also, do you make your juice fresh as you drink them or can I prepare them in the morning for the entire day?

  2. Bob, that list is for the entire day. I usually make my juice fresh in the morning and drink it through the day along with my gallon of water. This usually makes about 90 ounces of j uice