Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Was Old Is New

I have a winter jacket that I have not been able to wear for about three years now. When I came home from work for my lunch break tonight it was 32 degrees. A hoodie just wasn't doing the job...

I grabbed the jacket out of the closet and guess what? It fit with room to spare! Also, I relieved the staff in a different dorm for their dinner break. It is a female dorm. One of the young ladies noticed I had lost allot of weight and said I looked good, that made me feel good and totally made my day! Think about it, a cute blonde young lady in her 20's noticing me was proof that what I am doing is working.

I went to the gym after work again and did an absolute brutal lower body, legs and abs workout, followed by half an hour in the sauna. Life is good, I like the juice!


  1. Awesome post. My mother bought me a really nice juicer today. It looks like I will be starting sometime next week. I am so excited.

  2. That is great Bob! Have you watched the DVD "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"? It is what inspired me to begin this health and weight loss adventure. I purchased the DVD and companion book that is available with it. You can find it at the Reboot Program website store.

    I watch the DVD again when I need some encouragement. The book follows the DVD in essence but it does have some extra information that is helpful. Good luck on your quest!

  3. Yes, I caught the movie on netflix. I can not wait to get started. I am a little worried about the taste. Do you find yourself getting hungry throughout the day? Thank you for the help.

  4. Bob, the taste can be quite enjoyable depending on the combination you use. If I get hungry, I just sip some more juice and drink water.