Saturday, October 8, 2011

Monday On A Saturday

Today was my "Monday". I took a couple of containers of juice with me to work and drank it and water through the day. My energy level was really sky high and I felt great!

My Wife purchased a Brita water filtration pitcher for me to take to work and keep in the refrigerator. I used to carry a gallon of water with me to and from work, this is much easier. I try and drink one gallon of water a day along with my juice.

Today it was the classic Mean Green Juice and Orange You Glad fruit juice combo. Then when I got home from work I was hungry again, so I made a veggie juice combo with some different vegetables I had on hand.

17 days into my 60 day Reboot Juice fast and I and feeling good. Tomorrow after work I am going to the gym, going to hit some cardio and then the steam sauna. I have been working on a whole body workout for myself and my coworkers if they choose to follow it.

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