Thursday, October 6, 2011

Work, Lunch, Dinner Juice, Gym...

Day 15, this morning when I got off of work at 12:30 AM two co-workers and I went and worked out at the company gym on our campus. It was great to have some workout partners, I am dedicated I hope my co-workers will stick with it too.

I did a intense upper body work out and then spent 30 minutes in the steam sauna. I feel great this morning, but when the soreness hits I have no doubt I will be a hurting unit.

Lunch and dinner tonight were the classic Mean Green Juice and the Orange You Glad Juice, plus about a gallon of water through the day.

After using the professional scale in the gym I learned that my weights I had reported previously were wrong. I was actually 385 Lbs when I started the Juice Feast and am now down to 353 Lbs. But considering less than 2 years ago I was about 400 Lbs, and just like the DVD documentary says I was Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead...

I am feeling great, have lost the 30+ Lbs and 5" off of my waist. I don't notice the weight loss so much myself in the mirror, others have though, but having pants with a 60" waist and were at one time tight, now loose to the point that I have have to cinch my belt up or my pants fall off is the true proof! I have gone from a 5XL T-Shirt and can now fit back into a 3XL T-Shirt. But, the best benefit is how I feel physically and mentally.

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