Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great New Fruit Juice Combo

I came into a dozen or so fresh oranges tonight. So I did a little juicing experimenting. It came out to be a fruitful delight! It was the following combination of ingredients:

4 peeled oranges
1/2 whole lemon
1 piece of ginger 1" long
2 red delicious apples
4 carrots

The juice is very flavorful and could almost stand to be diluted with pure water a little bit. As with most all juices after a time in the refrigerator, the different juices began to separate.

That is why I keep an consume my juices in a BPA free Blender Bottle that my Wife found for me, on sale at our local grocery store. They are perfect for taking to work, we have 4 of them. I use 2 daily, they hold about 30 Oz when full.

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