Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Month Down...

Yesterday marked my 30th day on my Reboot Juice Feast. As I have mentioned previously, I have hit a plateau in my weight loss. After 30 days, my loss has leved out at 30 Lbs. But, the weight loss though a great benefit, it isn't the only reason I undertook this challenge. And I shouldn't complain, an average of 1 Lb a day is nothing to complain about!

On other Juice Fasting sites and blogs I frequent it is nice to see the kinship and community amongst people following the juicing lifestyle. It has also been rewarding to learn that I have have been an inspiration and encouragement to others. If you look and search out there you can find many websites, blogs etc dedicated to juice fasting and related health related issues.

One of the other juicing websites I found is called "The Juicing Tips Newsletter". You can find it at:

It is harvest time, nice melons !!!

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